The Sound of Speed- Allen & Heath’s SQ Digital Mixers!

We are huge fans of Allen and Heath’s dLive system; we love its intuitive workflow and powerful features. It would be our system of choice for most of the church installs we do, but its price point can be prohibitive based on budget. The smallest dLive has a MSRP of $8,499.00. That is why we were super ...

Chauvet LED Fresnels

Fresnels in Theatre Fresnels create a wide, soft edged beam, and are traditionally used to top and backlight performers on a stage. Their soft edges allow them to blend together to make an even stage wash. They are; however, not as controllable or powerful as ellipsoidal and pars, and thus not typically used for front ...

Franklin Christmas Tree Lighting 2017

Every year Franklin kicks off the start of the Holiday Season with the lighting of the Christmas tree. A 40 foot artificial tree, that takes city employees four days to assemble! 8,000 to 10,000 people attended the event, which is more then double the year before! There were cookies, Santa, characters, apple cider, the magic ...

Best of LDI!

LED Video Panels are mesmerizing, but Moving Head LEDs are dynamic! Our two big takeaways from LDI 2017 were ADJ’s Vizi CMY300 and Chauvet Professional’s Maverick MK Pyxis. Pyxis Brand new, but already turning heads, Chauvet’s Pyxis has been selected for Louis the Child’s tour. Their production team had this to say, “I knew that ...

What’s the Difference Between JBL’s Original EON One and the EON One Pro?

In recent years, Column Speaker PA-Systems have been extremely popular among performers due to portability and a streamlined design. They look great; they sound great. Not the first to enter the market, JBL still made a splash last year with the release of their EON One. It brought the reliability and performance you would expect ...

Introducing the ME-500!

Allen & Heath's 16-Channel Personal Monitoring System!

Why is Shure’s SM58 So Popular?

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, why is the world's best selling microphone over 50 years old?

Create a Professional Lighting Rig for Under $120!

How? By Using Chauvet’s DMX-AN+ChamSys free MagicQ Software Go from your laptop running MagicQ to the DMX-AN via an ethernet cable, and out of the DMX-AN to your lights via a 3-pin DMX cable. DMX-AN MAP: $119.99 ChamSys Magic Q ChamSys MagicQ is a professional lighting control software that will one day be the industry ...

Learn ChamSys’ MagicQ Lighting Control Software

Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4 Tutorial 6 (*theres no 5# for some reason) Tutorial 7 Tutorial 8 Tutorial 9 MagicQ User Manual (filled with awesome walk throughs) Thanks for visiting! We just wanted to put all the videos in one convenient location. Check out the complete ChamSys line!  

Professional Church Line Arrays

Professional Church Sound System

A case study of a sound system install for Calvary Temple International

Calvary Temple International

Installing a Professional Church Sound System!

Laser vs Lamp Projectors!

A look at new projector technology, and the pros and cons of laser projectors!

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