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Dealing With Microphone Interference!

Learn how to get rid of Multi-Path Interference!

Create a Professional Lighting Rig for Under $120!

How? By Using Chauvet’s DMX-AN+ChamSys free MagicQ Software Go from your laptop running MagicQ to the DMX-AN via an ethernet cable, and out of the DMX-AN to your lights via a 3-pin DMX cable. DMX-AN MAP: $119.99 ChamSys Magic Q ChamSys MagicQ is a professional lighting control software that will one day be the industry ...

Learn ChamSys’ MagicQ Lighting Control Software

Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4 Tutorial 6 (*theres no 5# for some reason) Tutorial 7 Tutorial 8 Tutorial 9 MagicQ User Manual (filled with awesome walk throughs) Thanks for visiting! We just wanted to put all the videos in one convenient location. Check out the complete ChamSys line!  

The most common sound issue at Schools and Churches!

Learn how to fix a bad gain structure that ruins your sound. One of the most common problems, but super easy to fix!

How to Choose a SlimPar!

Par style washlights are an enormous feature of the lighting industry, and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Our own Springtree Original SlimPars are among our best selling fixtures, and in addition to our own line, we sell dozens by other incredible manufacturers like Chauvet. We’ve had a decade long relationship with Chauvet ...

How to Use ShowXpress

getting started: how to add fixtures    In this post, we’ll go over how to: Add a fixture from the library Arrange fixtures in DMX channeling Duplicate fixtures Create and customize your own fixtures 1) Add a fixture To add a fixture, click the Add fixture icon (third icon) from the bar above the DMX channeling section. ...