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How to Choose a SlimPar!

Par style washlights are an enormous feature of the lighting industry, and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Our own Springtree Original SlimPars are among our best selling fixtures, and in addition to our own line, we sell dozens by other incredible manufacturers like Chauvet. We’ve had a decade long relationship with Chauvet ...


How to Light a Fashion Show

A fashion show’s success relies almost exclusively on visual presentation. This is why an experienced lighting technician is essential. Designers can spend months or years developing their next collection and have no desire to have their work showcased poorly. A runway stage is unique: 1) the stage is placed in the middle of the audience, rather than in ...


How to Use ShowXpress

getting started: how to add fixtures    In this post, we’ll go over how to: Add a fixture from the library Arrange fixtures in DMX channeling Duplicate fixtures Create and customize your own fixtures 1) Add a fixture To add a fixture, click the Add fixture icon (third icon) from the bar above the DMX channeling section. ...