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The Best DJ Lights Under $500

A guide of our favorite 5 DJ Effect Lights under $500!


Audio-Technica Mic Packages with Free $130 Microphone!

Audio-Technica Mic Packages! Purchase any of these wireless systems, and receive a FREE $130 headset microphone! Also included is a free 6 foot microphone cable. This is the price you would pay for the wireless system alone at any retailer, making this an unbeatable deal Audio-Technica’s 2000 Series (pictured above) is a 10-channel professional wireless ...


The best business lesson learned working at Disneyland.

Every year I could remember my mom would ask what I wanted for my birthday. Every year I answered “I want to go to Disneyland” I was obsessed so as soon as I was old enough, I got a job there. Yes, that kid in the Davy Crockett hat is me. The first thing every ...


QU Firmware V1.9 Upgrade for iPad Control!

Responding to many requests, Allen and Heath has released a new free firmware upgrade that really ups the game of their QU series. We’ve been a big fan of these boards for a while, and so all these new features are like an added cherry on top. What you need to know: Our favorite new ...


Our History by Southern Exposure Magazine

By Shari Lacy • Photos by Will Jordan • Dec 11, 2016 SpringTree Media Group owner, Peter Vaque, will be the first one to tell you that there was no great vision when SpringTree Media started almost 16 years ago as a small recording studio built in his home basement.  Small beginnings to what is a ...


How to Choose a SlimPar!

Par style washlights are an enormous feature of the lighting industry, and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Our own Springtree Original SlimPars are among our best selling fixtures, and in addition to our own line, we sell dozens by other incredible manufacturers like Chauvet. We’ve had a decade long relationship with Chauvet ...


Transformation Life Church: A Case Study

For a good while now we have been busy with a church located in Wood Ridge, New Jersey. The Transformation Life Church has been living up to its name by renovating their traditional building for upcoming contemporary worship services. They called on Springtree to install new lighting, sound, and video systems, as well as to ...


How to Light a Fashion Show

A fashion show’s success relies almost exclusively on visual presentation. This is why an experienced lighting technician is essential. Designers can spend months or years developing their next collection and have no desire to have their work showcased poorly. A runway stage is unique: 1) the stage is placed in the middle of the audience, rather than in ...


How to Use ShowXpress

getting started: how to add fixtures    In this post, we’ll go over how to: Add a fixture from the library Arrange fixtures in DMX channeling Duplicate fixtures Create and customize your own fixtures 1) Add a fixture To add a fixture, click the Add fixture icon (third icon) from the bar above the DMX channeling section. ...


Flying Effects for Indy High

Independence High School presented Pippin the Musical on February 25th through the 28th, 2016. And if you’ve ever seen Pippin, you’ll know the show includes more than singing and dancing. The Broadway version of Pippin is filled with acrobatics, gymnastics, and special effects that greatly limit a high school reproduction. Luckily, with the right mix of dedication from students and ...

Children's Theatre

Turning Plays into Performances

Stephanie Vines, the music teacher at Scales Elementary, has transformed the usual school play into something quite amazing- especially at the elementary level! The children perform a full musical with costumes and scene changes while keeping the songs flowing with the precision of a Broadway show. Springtree Media will be helping Scales Elementary school for ...


A Temporary Home for the Journey Church

The Need  The Journey Church in Franklin is excitingly awaiting the future, while not neglecting present needs. To accommodate growth they have found a new building, but the downside is that the building will not be ready for a year. So in the mean time they are meeting at an old YMCA building. The Solution ...