Chauvet Professional’s New LED Pars!

Learn about the CHAUVET Professional Ovation P-56 LED Par Series for Professional Theatre!

A product space CHAUVET Professional has been moving into recently is professional theatre fixtures. This can be seen in their ellipsoidal(s), fresnel style fixtures, and now in their high quality LED pars. Color accuracy seems to be of high importance in their lineup, due to the high demand nature of theatrical LDs and scenic designers to accurately illuminate performers and set pieces.

This can be seen in their full color LED par, the P-56FC, which utilizes color-mixing from a RGBAL system. The addition of amber makes the light look more natural, which is an important consideration when illuminating performers. The addition of lime pumps up CRI and brightness.

In addition to the full color par, the P-56FC lineup includes a warm white, a variable white, and a UV fixture.

Pro Features

  • 16-bit dimming
  • Single-Source Homogenous Light
  • RDM and Variable Pulse Width Modulation
  • Included Interchangeable Lens Plates for Medium and Wide Beam Angles
  • Compatible with Standard 7.5” Beam Shaping Accessories
Fixture Function MAP  Your Price
Ovation P-56FC Full RGBA-Lime color mixing LED system for producing colors ranging from subtle pastels to punchy saturates, as well as nearly any temperature of white. $949.99 Click for Your Price!
Ovation P-56WW Bright even field of warm white with an output comparable to a 1,000-Watt PAR 64 lamp. $849.99 Click for Your Price! 
Ovation P-56VW Can produce almost any temperature of whites with high CRI and CQS, and the ability to adjust +/- for green. $949.99 Click for Your Price!
Ovation P-56UV First of its kind. Can produce a flat and even field of true (365 nM) UV light with minimal projected visibility via a homogenized, single-source LED. $1,099.99 Click for Your Price!

Also for Your Consideration

Chauvet Professional’s Ovation series is a great value for high level professionals, but if you are looking for professional quality, but not exactly the West End professional quality that the Ovation series offers, we also offer Springtree LED’s Spatial Washes for your consideration. Beautifully bright and colorful at a price you can’t beat.

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