What’s BTAir? And Should You Buy It?

A Light Control System thats free, works on your smartphone, doesn’t need any experience, and is said to take less time to setup then a sound check? From the sound of it, what’s not to love?

But is it worth the investment?

The fixtures that are currently available for the BTAir system.

Price  Watts  Color LEDs
SlimPar T12 BT $139.99 30 RGB 12
SlimPar Q12 BT $189.99 42 RGBA 12
COLORband T3 BT $169.99 30 RGB 12


D-fi is another wireless solution offered by Chauvet DJ.


D-fi & Flarecon 
  • House parties 
  • Coffee shops 
  • Bistro/lounges 
  • Small stages
  • Compact areas where performer is within eye-shot of all fixtures
  • Large weddings 
  • Large Bands
  • Corporate events 
  • Convention Centers 
  • Fashion shows
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Convention Centers
  • Full Lighting Rigs
  • Full Stage Productions 
Max Fixture Count: 64 Unlimited
Max Range: 150 feet  650 feet 

D-fi allows you to use traditional DMX control options with USB compatible fixtures, which there are a lot of. FlareCON, like BTAir, lets you use a lighting control app for simplified control, and is compatible with D-fi fixtures. To use traditional DMX control options you would need a D-fi Hub (MAP $129.99), and for FlareCON you will need a FlareCON Air (MAP $219.99), and USB DMX sticks for each fixture. (a four pack goes for MAP $199.99) So, BTAir would be a much more affordable solution, with all three fixtures offered being on the affordable side!


So In Conclusion

It is a great buy for a small performance space, like a small stage in a cafe. It is simple enough to train waiters or a bartender on without frustration. It even simplifies your choice of fixture to three, which is a huge plus if you don’t have and don’t desire lighting expertise. You aren’t going to stress about wether or not you are making the right choice when there are only three options! Most of us are comfortable using bluetooth with our phones for our personal devices, so syncing up fixtures would come naturally to us.

BTAir is super basic. It won’t give you complex control. It limits you to three fixture types, and 64 fixtures in total. Yet, it can make all the difference in a small performance space, and can be easy to handoff control without needing to find a techie.

Thanks for reading!

If you want to price out a system, give us an email for a personalized price!


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