Shure’s New Video App! Great Sound for iPhone!

Creativity now comes in your pocket! For the next generation of vloggers, musicians, and content creators, their phones are their studio cameras. Innovating for this new generation of influencers, Shure created their line of Motiv microphones that bring professional quality audio capture to your iPhone.

The Problem?

The Motiv App was great for standalone recording, but limited during video recording. To adjust the settings of your microphone, you would have to switch back and forth from your camera app to the Motiv app.

The Solution was to combine the high performing iPhone camera with microphone controls in a new app that let you adjust your microphone settings while viewing and recording your video. And the app is free!

Motiv Video Features

  • Allows you to adjust gain and view audio waveform
  • On-screen audio metering
  • Choice of video resolution, device dependent (720p, 1080p, 4k)
  • Choice of audio format (WAV, AAC, ALAC)
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works with entire Motiv line
  • Records uncompressed audio

 Perfect for the MV88!


Shure’s MV88 is a Stereo Condenser Microphone that plugs directly into your iPhone via lightning connector. Its portability makes it the ideal microphone for iPhone cinematography. There is no need to carry it once its plugged in. It can pivot and rotate for adjusting direction, allowing you to find the perfect pickup direction. The MV88 microphone gives you the choice to choose between mid-side stereo technique or bidirectional and cardioid polar patterns.

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