Don’t Miss the Shure Rebate!

As you probably know, the “600 MHz Band” frequency range of 616–653 MHz and 663–698 MHz is about to become illegal to use.

If you’ll be needing a new wireless system as a replacement, there is a Shure Rebate you could take advantage of when you purchase a qualifying system. This is only available through October 31st, so plan accordingly!

You will need to save the labels on your new microphones to apply for the rebate! So don’t throw them out!

Click here to see if your system qualifies for a rebate! Brands that qualify include Shure, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and more!

Click here for rebate form.

Qualifying System Purchases

Rebates are paid per channel. To qualify for the full rebate amount, the number of returned channels must match the number of purchased channels.

Systems come in a variety of configurations. Receivers may have multiple channels. Personal monitor system transmitters also may have multiple channels.

Receiver types include tabletop, camera mount, bodypack, and rack mount.

Transmitter types include handheld, bodypack, and plug-on. Personal monitor systems include rack mount transmitters.

Channel Qualifications .png

Rebate Per Channel.png

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Have Questions? We will do the research for you if you want to see if your new and old system qualify you for a rebate.

Rebates come from Shure via mail, and can take 8-10 weeks.

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