Introducing JBL’s MkII Studio Monitors!

Being located right next to Music City, we have come across incredible sound engineers who can hear the little nuances of a mix. Yet, a mix can only be as good as the Studio Monitors the engineer is listening through.

While most of our customers won’t be in the market for pro studio monitors, for those who are, we would like you to take into consideration JBL’s 3 Series MkII.

Meet the Models

Model Size MAP 
305P MkII 5” Woofer $149
306P MkII 6” Woofer $199
308P MkII 8” Woofer $249

The Original 3 Series was dearly loved, why? A great sound at an attainable price. So why would JBL feel the need to update the series? Updates in manufacturing technology and real world problems.

What’s New?

  • New designed transducers for optimized transient response and improved linearity
  • A new look
  • And new rear controls on the back of each unit for optimizing that “sweet spot”

Control!- Of course there will never be a one speaker fits all solution when there are so many factor in every room that affects acoustics. So by adding two new control options, JBL has made it easy to maintain an even sound from multiple mixing locations. Boundary EQ attenuates the low-end boost that can occur when you place monitors directly on the desktop or near walls. A 3-position HF Trim switch allows you to adjust the high-frequency response of the monitors to tailor them to room acoustics.


What we love is the new sleek look. Yes, not the most important consideration when shopping Studio Monitors, but if you are going to spend hours upon hours in your studio, why not have great looking speakers?

The Quality Delivered

Image Control Waveguide is the name of a technology that JBL developed for creating a high fidelity sound. Designed to deliver a neutral response regardless of the room for mixing with a better accuracy, particularly with higher frequencies.

What’s the Same?

The bass. Each monitor has great sounding bass, particularly the 308P, but want to fully extend bass,  the LSR310S is a great option. It allows you to extend your system’s LF all the way down!


Shop JBL Studio Monitors!

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