230 Year Old Church, A Brand New Sound System!

The joys and stress that came from installing a professional sound system in the historic First Presbyterian Church of Sparta!

In the fall of 1786, a simple but elegant two story chapel was built. Its original parishioners sat on round hand-hewn logs on a dirt floor listening to their sermon. Today, the same chapel is held up by the same hand-hewn logs that were cut and shaped by the early settlers of Sparta.

The want, a great sounding system. The challenge, the historic nature of the building and the positioning of the balconies. The Solution, careful drilling, and the use of JBL Line Arrays for the main system, with AC 18/95s for the complimentary side fills.

IMG_0471 2.JPG

The Si Impact was the perfect choice for a mixing console. Its powerful features, ease of use, and quick learnability gives non-sound engineers the means to achieve a professional sound. We recorded scenes and EQs on instruments to provide a strong foundation for creating a superb clean mix.


Working with the staff of First Presbyterian was a complete joy! We appreciated the helpfulness of the worship leader, and the thorough research of their elder, Peter Conales. Their worship team and staff were thrilled at their the new system, and we were thrilled to provide them the very best to create a wonderful worship environment.

Thanks for reading! And a special thank you to our Team Member Chris Barnes for his work as lead design engineer for this job.

  1. Read about the church’s history here!
  2. The Church’s homepage.
  3. The Little Theatre: A Case Study

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